5 Tips for Creating Window Displays That Turn Heads

The window is the entry point in terms of view in anyone’s home. Before a person even enters a house, the first things they will notice that will give them a sneak peek are the windows. Therefore, to make a home aesthetically pleasing, it is important to plan the windows in such a way that it will turn heads and make passersby take a second look. However, creating an amazing window display setup can be challenging. One of the simple yet toughest questions asked when creating amazing windows is whether to use a curtain or not. Some homeowners prefer to have curtains while others prefer using blinds or shades. Whatever the choice may be, the important thing is to find a design that perfectly suits the home.

To have an attractive window display setup, here are some useful and practical tips to keep in mind.

  1. Be a minimalist

At present, being a minimalist is the trend. Gone are the days when windows are usually packed with loud and crowded decors. Today, simple yet elegant window shades in a neighborhood in Arvada can easily do the trick. Instead of using heavily printed drapes, simple shades or an upholstered cornice may even be better. When it comes to window display designs, less is more.

  1. Shine some light

When decorating the windows of the living room or the kitchen, natural light is necessary. A good choice can be pleated sheets because they are still thick enough to provide some privacy but thin enough to let natural light in. Natural light is really amazing because aside from adding beauty to a home, it also helps in saving electricity.

  1. Choose modern colors

In most homes, modern colors are the best. They complement a home’s design and they are trendy. Whether the homeowner is using curtains or shades, they should get those that come in modern hues.

  1. Add some texture

A way to add texture to a display is used materials with natural fibers like bamboo or rattan. They are a visual feast and they add an elegant piece to the display.

  1. Add some curves

Windows usually packed with a lot of straight lines. Moreover, when a person from outside takes a peek inside, they see all straight lines like on cabinets, drawers, counters, and home appliances. This can get dull and boring, so add a few curves in the mix. This is done by choosing curtains that are curvy. Putting an arched valance can also make things a little more interesting. Adding a few curvy appliances at the vantage point of the windows is also a neat trick.

How to Choose Window Treatments for a Home in Broomfield

The window is just as important as any part of a home. Therefore, homeowners should also pay attention to it like how they give attention to other parts of the house. It is crucial to dress it up because it is the first entry of anyone in seeing the insides of home. Before entering the door, a person already has a preview of what is inside of window view. Hence, it is essential to make the window look interesting so people would want to step inside the abode.

However, dressing up the window can be tricky either for first-time homeowners or owners who have been living in the same home for years. How does a person decide if curtains, drapes, Roman blinds, window shades, or plantation shutters fit their Broomfield home best? Still, it does not mean that it is impossible. Here are a few inspirations to help in choosing the ideal window treatments for a home in Broomfield.

  1. Roman blinds

Roman blinds can be a fashionable solution to a boring window. They are simple yet add a stylish touch. For quick installation, they can be easily hung on each window glass panel. They can even be tied at different heights and adjusted accordingly to provide coverage when the sunlight directly hits the interior of the house. They can help reduce the overwhelming amount of light during the day while also making the home cooler. In a way, Roman blinds can reflect light, making the room a little dimmer and cozier.

  1. Plantation shutters

These can serve as an effortless way to beautify a window. There are lots of options to choose from including full window shutters, full solid shutters, and half cafe designs. Depending on which room’s window is being decorated, the choice varies. For instance, since a full solid shutter set completely blocks off the light, they are perfect for the bedroom. Meanwhile, for the kitchen and bathroom, it is essential to choose waterproof shutters. Some of the most common shutters are made from hardwood or fiberboard.

  1. Sheer curtains

For a contemporary take on a conservative home, sheer curtains are the best choice. They can be used to dressed windows while still allowing natural light to enter the house. Sheer curtains are perfect for the living room especially if homeowners want passersby to get a preview of what is inside the house. Sheer curtains are easy to install by just using a metal rod with the length of the window frame above the glass so that it is invisible and only the curtains are seen from the outside.

  1. Panels

Panels are fabric with pretty prints and designs. They serve as a modern way to decorate a window. They instantly turn an uninspiring window into an interesting one. A practical tip for panels is to use them over a plain fabric with a paler color to accentuate the prints and designs on the panels.

Hack the Way to Designing Beautiful Window Setups

A home has many windows, which means more problems when it comes to designing them and making them more eye-catching. Although having a lot of windows on a home has benefits such as improved ventilation and increased natural light, the problem of making them aesthetically pleasing also increases.

There is a lot to consider when designing a window to make it look inspired. With just the basics, a window can look boring and uninteresting. People passing by may not even take a second look when they see it. Hence, the homeowner in Arvada makes a lot of investment to design the visual entry to their home.

To help in designing a window, there are few hacks that can it easier.

1. Be consistent

It is important to be consistent in design windows at home. It is impractical, more expensive, and unappealing to have different treatments on different windows unless it was well-planned. For instance, if the living room has drapes while the bedroom has wood blinds, it can be expensive since the homeowner will be buying two treatments. Moreover, the drapes and wood blinds in an Arvada home might not complement each other. However, if this is well planned, they can get matching treatments even though they are different. It will require a lot more effort, time, and money to do this, but it might be worth the try.

2. Have a color theme

Like in a wedding, where there is a motif, it is crucial to follow a color theme when designing the windows at home. However, it does not have to be super strict because it can be of varying shades of a certain color. For instance, the homeowner can get dark blue curtains for the bedroom and curtains of lighter shade for the living room.

The color theme is not limited to the window setup. It should also match the color theme of the room. For instance, in the living room, if the furniture is white, then it is best to stick to curtains with colors that match that.

3. Mix and match

Although it is important to be consistent, a little experimentation does not hurt. For instance, several treatments can be mixed and matched to produce a more contemporary design. Thin curtains can be used with shutters to add depth of character the same way panels can be installed with pale-colored curtains.

4. Stay neutral

If deciding for a window treatment gets too difficult bordering to impossible, staying neutral is not the worst thing to do. Choosing neutral-colored curtains are simple and basic but they add some personality to the windows. They also create an illusion of visual space when done right. Choosing to stay neutral has the least chances of failing when designing windows at home.

Large Windows? Here’s How to Decorate Them

The windows are one of the biggest factors in creating an amazing ambiance inside a home in Arvada. The windows are an important part of the house and they can greatly affect the look and feel of a home. Moreover, the windows give a sneak preview of what the house’s interior looks like. Hence, they provide the first impression for people who are on the outside looking in. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to make the windows look amazing as possible.

But, what if a home has extremely large windows? Is designing large windows the same with small windows? Apparently, designing large windows is different from designing small windows although there are certain similarities. The main difference is the need for bigger window treatments such as large curtains, draperies, blinds, or shutters if the windows are sizable. Hence, it can be a little more expensive than getting smaller window treatments.

How does one decorate large windows? Here’s an overview how to do it. Primarily, there are three considerations in doing so.

  1. Orientation

The orientation of the furniture in a room plays a significant role in decorating large windows. Since large windows show a bigger view of a room’s interior space, it is crucial to make smart decisions in choosing where to place them. For instance, in the bedroom, the orientation of the bed is important in the overall decoration of the window display. Often, large windows are best located opposite the bed, so the bed should be placed in an area facing the window. This is desirable especially if the bed will result in facing a garden. In some cases, it is effective to have the windows on one side of the bed to prevent the direct natural light from hitting the bed.

  1. Decorations

When it comes to decorations, it is fail-safe to be a minimalist. Not only is this less expensive but it also requires the homeowner to make few decisions, which results to making fewer wrong decisions. For instance, if there is no need for additional dim lights, the lampshades can be dropped. If the natural light comes in easy and the bedroom light installed already has a switch for dimming lights, there is no need to get separate lampshades.

The area where the large window is located should be virtually distraction-free. It is better not to install loud decorations near or around it. For instance, if the homeowners have photos or paintings they want to put on the wall, it is better to put it opposite the side from where the large window is.

  1. Window covers

There are lots of windows covers the homeowner can choose from. These include curtains, blinds, panels, shutters, draperies, and more for their Arvada home. Choosing the right window cover plays a major role in making the window appealing. For starters, it is best to choose moderns colors and stick to a color palette that matches the existing room. Mix and match as needed to make the window unique and make it stand out.

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Important Things to Know Before Getting Motorized Shades for the Home

The motorized shade is a modern window treatment a homeowner can get to decorate their windows. This type of window covering is so cool and nifty that it can be operated with a remote and a single touch of a button. However, getting this kind of shade can be tricky, so it is important to be familiar with them first before deciding to get them.

Motorized shades are popular in Erie, Colorado, especially for homes with hard to reach windows or high windows. Although they seem complex, they are actually easy to install and use. Moreover, they quickly add a contemporary touch in a room where they are installed. They are sleek and they instantly make any window look lavish.

Before getting these shade sets, here are some basic things to know about them.

  1. Types

There are two types of motorized shades. These are the motorized lift and the motorized tilt. It is important to know the difference between the two in order to choose the best one for a specific window. The motorized lift options are the common types like the Roman shade, the roller shade, and the cellular shade. Meanwhile, the motorized tilt options include wood slatted blinds and aluminum slatted blinds.

  1. Power source

Once the type of shade has been picked, the next things to decide on is the power source. The options include the solar power kit, battery tube, and DC power.

Solar power shades are the most eco-friendly because they draw power from the sun. They do not need batteries or cords, so their design is more minimalist.

Battery tube shades offer a smooth design appearance. They can easily fit in any window. They do not need a nearby socket to turn on and off.

DC power shades are easier to install among the three and require few setup steps. However, they need to be plugged into a socket all the time in order to work. On the upside, they are more powerful, which is why they are the common choice especially for homes with huge windows.

  1. Remote

This type of shade is operated using a remote. Some remotes are complex, while some are basic. It is important to get a remote that is intuitive to learn quickly how to open and close the shade. Depending on how many windows are in a room, a remote can have only one channel or multiple channels. If there is more than one window in the room, the multiple channel remote is the best bet.

  1. Timer

It is recommended to get a shade set with a timer for a more convenient use. With the timer, the homeowner can set up when the shade set opens and closes. For instance, using the timer, they can program the shade set to automatically open in the morning without having to manually push a button to open them.